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New Moon fan posters: Edward & Bella

By afterthebite · March 3, 2009 · 0 Comments · ·

Smirk_works, don't know the real name, has posted a great set of fan posters on his website for the New Moon movie. Absolutely stunning. Check them out!



Click here to visit Smirk_works website.

Twilight at Midnight - the DVD Launch

By afterthebite · March 3, 2009 · 0 Comments · ·

On Friday, March 20, 2009, from 10PM until 12 midnight, Summit Home Entertainment will provide TWILIGHT fans across the country with the chance to celebrate the midnight DVD release of the film that has unanimously been described as a “full-blown pop culture phenomenon.” TWILIGHT at MIDNIGHT will allow participating retailers the opportunity to stay open late as fans line up to purchase the DVD of the epic romance at midnight parties. The official TWILIGHT website- www.twilightthemovie.com – will feature a unique store locator from which fans can find out which retailers will be holding midnight parties.

Starting in March, store locator technology will be featured on the film’s website- www.twilightthemovie.com – providing unique access to breaking information about the TWILIGHT at MIDNIGHT events across America. In addition, the site will have updated announcements of special surprises related to actors in the film.

Following the success of the film, which grossed over $300 million worldwide, executives at Summit Entertainment decided to work with retailers to make this special edition DVD something that would not disappoint fans. “We wanted to say thank you to all of those who came out in droves last year and helped make Stephenie Meyer’s characters and story a truly successful movie,” said President of Home Entertainment, Steve Nickerson. While many DVDs street on Tuesdays, the Friday night launch party allows the core fans, many in high school, to celebrate outside of the school week. Adds Nickerson, “What better way to celebrate than a weekend party with your fellow Twilight fans.”

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Stephenie Meyer leads stable of new Mormon writers

By afterthebite · March 2, 2009 · 0 Comments · ·

The Boston Globe has an article today that points out that Stephenie Meyer is just one of a growing group of Mormon writers that focus on young adult fiction.

That Mormon writers have come to loom large in an increasingly popular literary genre can be linked to several unique characteristics of their faith and culture: an aversion to the sex and swearing that prevails in adult fiction, a propensity for large families that often means a child-focused life, and an affinity for fantasy writing.

Read the full article here.



It's Cheaper to Film in Canada

By afterthebite · February 28, 2009 · 0 Comments · ·

This article by Oregon Business Magazine outlines why filming for the Twilight sequel, New Moon, will take place in Vancouver, British Columbia, instead of Oregon or Washington.

Porter says filmmakers were partly concerned that Oregon wouldn’t have the production resources to support two Twilight sequels being made back-to-back. The lower Canadian dollar also made filming in British Columbia cheaper.

Estimates show that $20 million was spent in the state of Oregon during the filming of Twilight.

Read the full article here.


Stephenie Meyer tells Vogue magazine she is still an "amateur"

By afterthebite · February 28, 2009 · 0 Comments · ·

Big feature on Twilight author Stephenie Meyer in the March issue of Vogue magazine

Stephenie admits that she considers herself to be an amateur writer, but she does know her audience.

To her great credit, Meyer knows she is not Gertrude Stein. "I'm not a professional yet," she says. "I'm still just an amateur." But she knows her audience like Nielsen. "A twelve-year-old girl has already in her head imagined out fourteen different lives, including if she gets married, if she doesn't get married, if she falls in love with someone who lives in Paris," Meyer says. Indeed, one might argue her authorial success has something to do with her being surrounded by non-girls. "I live in a house filled with testosterone," she says. "There's always sports on my television, and there's nothing except hockey and scooters, and there's nothing of that side of myself left, and so it's great to have a different place to find it."

Read the full article here.

MSNBC calls Taylor the "new hunk" for New Moon

By afterthebite · February 26, 2009 · 0 Comments · ·

MSNBC says that Taylor Lautner is ready to take his place as the new hunk in New Moon, playing the werewolf Jacob, who befriends Bella, and their relationship becomes, well, complicated. 

They say that Taylor's ready to take his shot at Bella's love interest:

The clean-cut Lautner added 30 pounds to his frame to help him unseat Pattinson and appear worthy of Bella’s affections.

AnnaLynne McCord (from 90210) as Heidi?

By afterthebite · February 26, 2009 · 0 Comments · ·

Rumors have it that 90210's AnnaLynne McCord might be cast as the vampiress Heidi. 

The character is a "fisher" who brings humans to the Volturi vampires to eat. She's also known as "bait" because of the way she uses her stunning looks to attract humans. In her brief appearance in the book, Bella describes Heidi as having "exceptional, unforgettable" beauty. She has stunning legs, long hair and violet eyes.

Her 90210 costar Kellan Lutz—and rumored real-life boyfriend—played Emmett in Twilight and will return for the sequel.


New Moon logo is here!

By afterthebite · February 25, 2009 · 0 Comments · ·

Summit Entertainment recently unveiled the official artwork for the upcoming New Moon movie, based on the Stephenie Meyer novel. 

Looks great if you ask us!

Twilight Soundtrack Special Edition

By afterthebite · February 25, 2009 · 0 Comments · ·


News is out that a Special Edition of the Twilight Soundtrack is coming March 17, 2009.

New Songs include:

Love Is Worth The Fall by O.A.R.
Decode (Acoustic) by Paramore
Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Live) by Iron & Wine
Spotlight (Sun Lux Remix) by MuteMath
Full Moon (Applebum and Komonazmuk Remix) by The Black Ghosts

There is also a special DVD that comes with, this will include:

Interview with Alex Patsavas, Music Supervisor for Twilight
Interview with Hayley Williams, Paramore
Paramore - Decode Music Video
Paramore - Decode (Beyond the Video)
The Black Ghosts - Full Moon Music Video
Iron & Wine - Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Live) 


Stephen King says Stephenie Meyer "can't write worth a darn"

By afterthebite · February 3, 2009 · 0 Comments · ·

When USAWeekend interviewed Stephen King, he told us how he really feels, saying:

"Both Rowling and Meyer, they’re speaking directly to young people. ... The real difference is that Jo Rowling is a terrific writer and Stephenie Meyer can’t write worth a darn. She’s not very good."

Gosh, Stephen, I wish you would quit beating around the bush and tell us how you REALLY feel. He goes on to say:

"People are attracted by the stories, by the pace and in the case of Stephenie Meyer, it’s very clear that she’s writing to a whole generation of girls and opening up kind of a safe joining of love and sex in those books. It’s exciting and it’s thrilling and it's not particularly threatening because they’re not overtly sexual. A lot of the physical side of it is conveyed in things like the vampire will touch her forearm or run a hand over skin, and she just flushes all hot and cold. And for girls, that’s a shorthand for all the feelings that they’re not ready to deal with yet."

Now, can YOU be objective about this? What do YOU think about Stephen King's comments?

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