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Edward's Volvo, the C30

By afterthebite · November 24, 2008 · 0 Comments · ·

Volvo has an entire microsite devoted to their Volvo featured in the Twilight movie. You know the execs at Volvo are loving Stephenie Meyer right now - I bet they sent her a personal C30 as a thank you.

Check out the Volvo C30 site here.

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posted by nicxie

why is it that in Stephenie Meyer's site the car model written is volvo S60-R??

posted by Emmett

The S60 was not used in the movie because the C30 looks sportier and is much more unique. If you have seen the S60 it's just a standard luxury sedan, and not a very sexy looking one at that.

The "R" that Stephenie's brothers assured her is important is not that important either, Volvo watered down their R-design badge a while ago and any of the current models only have cosmetic changes to make them R-design (no performance upgrades).

posted by hottie4edward

EDWARD CULLEN..............................u mean my boy friend yea this is car whats it 2 ya huh huh oh ya im hot ur not i went there my hottie gotz a hot car(volvo) BAM

posted by hannah>XXX lol

i think that the cullen cars are absolutely amazing especially edwards astin martin, but his volvo is wicked in twilight when he rescues bella !!

posted by Lottie-Helen

"stupid, shiny volvo owner" :L

posted by ohhai

actualllly the S60R is a muccch different than a standard s60 .. HUGE performance upgrades...92 more horsepower and AWD for starters.... the C30 comes in an R-Design package that is mainly cosmetic though..

posted by zhf2

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