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Forks Twilight Tour: Bella Swan's House

By afterthebite · November 17, 2008 · 0 Comments · ·

Address: 775 K St, Forks, WA (click here for map)

In the Twilight Saga novels by Stephenie Meyer, Bella Swan lives with her father Charlie. This stop was likely created by the Forks Chamber of Commerce as part of their tours of local locations used in the books. When setting up the tours, they needed to select some local buildings to act as the Swan's home and the home of the Cullen family. The homes in the book were never based on actual locations.

Teachers Kim and David McIrvin volunteered their home to represent Bella's home. A sign was placed out front stating it's the home of the Swans. It is likely selected because it's one of the few two-story Craftsman homes in the city. In a twist of fate, the house has similarities to the fictional inside as well as outside; there is a room that is painted blue and there are yellow cupboards just like in the book.


"The house isn't open to the public, it's actually a private residence. Let's respect the privacy of the home owners and not trespass."

Next Stop on the Forks Twilight Tour --> Forks Community Hospital

posted by Anonymous

is Forks a real city? lol

posted by Anonymous

yes its a small town in Washington

posted by jessica coulle

Twilight has become a big hit. Stephanie Meyer came up with a fantastic dream that not only her, but every body else in Australia has enjoys and wont more and more each day.
I am a huge fan in twilight and I fan of Taylor Daniel Lautner.
I’m only a little younger then he [laughs].
My dream job is to become an actress and its all because of Taylor. I have learned a lot about him, but reading isn’t knowing and finding out. He has inspired me that I believe that I will be great acting and i would love to act for my future [yippee]. so thank you Taylor if you read this and I hope one day i get to meet you unless there are a whole lot of other girls that chase after you lolz. Don’t worry i wont cya and thank you to Stephanie Meyer and the directors of twilight- new monn

posted by meghanstein

i love that house

posted by kristene cullen

it looks like more descent in the movie

posted by sabrina Mcmullan

that my house I live with my Dad charlie am going to Forks this summer LOL?

because Jacob is my boyfriend?

posted by Anonymous

I love twilight i am going there on vacatin!!!!!!!!!!!!!so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

posted by Anonymous

Just 3 weeks ago I visited Forks.
The buildings on the Twlight tourist map in the real town of Forks are not the ones from the film - the town is mis-representing the movie locations and people are driving hundreds of miles to not see the real thing.
My advice? To do your research before you go! So you do get to spend your valuable vacation time taking photos at the correct locations.

posted by lapushbabe

yea forks is real go to bing and bing maps this is bella's house adress
775 K street Forks,Washington

posted by Anonymous

is there even a vacation for twiligt?

posted by Anonymous

I agree. I am upset over the fact that everything is falsely advertised here. They act like its where everything took place but people are getting photos of fake homes. The whole idea in my opinion, of a movie is to show people what it would be like to live in that type of fantasy world. I understand that the movie is totally fiction/fantasy. But if someone is willing to make a fortune off of the film's locations, then they might want the locations to be true. I understand that some people don't want to be bothered, as in residents near by. But if your going to bring that into a town you might as well do it the correct way and allow the real fans who spent their hard earned cash to get there actually get a true experience from Forks. I'm a huge fan, and I'm really upset over the fact that everything is somewhat misleading. I expected the real thing.

posted by Anonymous

You are all saying how these places are not the ones shown in the movie but im pretty sure they are trying to show the places from the BOOK. The Cullen house in the book was white like the inn they have in forks NOT like the house they use in the movie.. maybe you should read the books instead of watching movies. Use your imagination and those can be the places they claim to be.

posted by Anonymous

GO EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if you Edward are reading this I just wanted to tell you that you belong to me and Bella Forever and one day I would like to meet you in real life but I have not watched all the movie but I have read the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Team Edward Forever!!!!!!! I Love You Edward!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by Anonymous

edward i love u unconditionally n irrevocably

posted by Anonymous

that does'nt look like the right place, plus most of the filming was done in oregon
If you check youtube that is not the swans house.

posted by Anonymous

The high school used in Twilight is in a teeny tiny town called Kalama Washington that is actually about 3-4 hours south of the town of Forks. I drove through Kalama and actually stopped at the gas station there. I saw the high school from a distance(two blocks away) because my husband didnt want to go see it saying im a dork. but anyways the high school is there but no they dont let you in for tours because the interiors shots were done somewhere else.

posted by Anonymous

I am obessed with twilight and my boo Robert. Twilight is amazing. Oh and to those of you who like Taylor he is alright but not as sexy as Robert. :]

posted by busenur öztürk

I am obessed with twilight and my boo Robert. Twilight is amazing. Oh and to those of you who like Taylor he is alright but not as sexy as Robert. :]

posted by Kim Patterson

I cannot believe how ignorant some people are. Some of you may need to look up the meaning of the word. The books were based on Forks and the surrounding area. If you read and check a map you can find the inspiration for the story setting. Forks first beach and the Quikeutes exist. The weather there is a fact. The movies are the fantasy here. Forks and he book match up perfectly. Try opening a book and checking your facts before saying anyone mis represented anything. Did you really expect to find the real Cullens there too?

posted by Anonymous

you only like ''EDWARD'' because he is one of the main characters,
and if you think he is at all like he is in the movies, you are wrong.
He isn't like that and not perfect either,
The movies and the books
and yes I have seen the movies and read all the books.
They are pretty good, but don't think they will be there.
they live somewhere else.

posted by Anonymous

Team Edward

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