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Forks Twilight Tour: the Cullen House

By afterthebite · November 16, 2008 · 0 Comments · ·

Address: 654 E Division St., Forks, Washington (click here for map)

The Miller Tree Inn is a bed and breakfast in Forks that claims to be the real Cullens household. In looking around Forks, there are very few other houses that could possibly fit the description, so this is as good a bet as any. If you decide to spend the night, ask for Bella's Suite that has red and black bedding decor and roses.


"Walk up to the porch and see the white board that the house owners update daily with Edward and Bella's whereabouts. When we were there, the sign read: The Cullen family (and Bella) have gone to Fairbanks to check out the University of Alaska."



The mailbox.

Next Stop on the Forks Twilight Tour --> Forks High School


posted by Anonymous

wait i thought the cullen house was way bigger,in the movie it looked different,whats that place

posted by Bill Brager

If you stay at the Miller Tree Inn Bed & Breakfast (aka The Cullen House) in Forks, you are able to choose which Cullen family room you are staying in by placing a placard on your door. There is one placard for each member of the Cullen family, before Bella. Since Bella does not live here (yet), her suite is located at the Dew Drop Inn Motel, which is what is described on this site as having black and red bedding and roses. Besides the placards, the inn has a reproduction of the graduation cap art from the movie as well as other touches scattered throughout the house.

In chapter 15 of Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight", the Cullen House is described as, "probably a hundred years old. It was painted a soft, faded white, three stories tall, rectangular and well proportioned." It also had a 'deep' porch that wrapped around the first story". The movie version of the Cullen House IS much different.

posted by Anonymous

Cullens house in the movie was filmed at a Nike exec's house in Portland

posted by eliafkl

this is so cool

posted by Anonymous

this looks totally diffrent from the movie

posted by kristene cullen

the house of my family "the cullen" is pretty different from the movie! but i freakingly love it

posted by Anonymous

shut up stupid people you dont no what your saying your doped up :)

posted by Anonymous

me and why friend or laughing at you all this is a shit house i am british and our houses are better that that

posted by Anonymous

This was not the Cullens House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The mansion is in the woods and when the Twilight Crew were passing Stephnie Meyer knew it was the one. It belongs to a family living outside Forks.

posted by Anonymous

wow the cullen house looks huge and everything but watevs

posted by Alice cullenx

god almighty we get it this isnt the cullen house from the film, that was filmed in a diffrent location. also the house that stephenie meyer chose as the cullen house (not for the film just as the one she thought looked like her idea of the cullen house) was a beautiful 100 year old white house that burned down on the day the film was released. spooky right? almost as if the house didnt want to be trampled by tourists! this one is the one that the residents of forks, washington decided could stand as a tourist attraction as it looks most like stephenie meyers description of the cullen house.
hope i helped anyone
alice cullen xxx

posted by Anonymous

this is a lie...

posted by I love Alice Cullen

Never this type of house ill be Cullen's house!
The Cullens are rich!
Are you thinking we are idiots?

posted by

"me and why friend or laughing at you all this is a shit house i am british and our houses are better that that" Are you fucking retarded? THAT is a bed an breakfast you dipshit, its not a house and its also NOT the cullens house. It was named the cullens house by the Forks chamber of commerce because someone posts notes on the door and Esme. RESEARCH before posting people PLEASE.

posted by rpatzxx

That is how the cullen house is describes in the book, with the wrap around porch and all. Plus, I love the mail box and the graduation cap display, and everything, and well as the little placards to put on the doors. I found all this out on the dvd The Real World of Twilight: Forks Destination. its awesome you should watch it. And all you commenters who think these guys are lying, ur just stupid peeps that havent read the books!!!! The movie is not the truth!!!!

posted by Anonymous

wth itzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz nt dat huse i hv seen it!!!!!

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