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Forks Twilight Tour: Forks Outfitters

By afterthebite · November 17, 2008 · 0 Comments · ·

Address: 950 South Forks Avenue, Forks, WA (click here for map)

Bella worked at Forks Outfitters, so you'll want to swing by to check it out. Also a nifty place to pick up some souvenirs.


"We might have been a bit distracted by a sudden urge for a snack, but we entered the Thriftway next door, found a Team Edward t-shirt and a special Twilight cake they were giving away that day as a contest. It was amazingly done."



Next Stop on the Forks Twilight Tour --> Bella Swan's House

posted by yulieth of spain

hola ¡¡¡m good English is very bad, well, oh God I thought that Forks and Seattle were the imagination of sthepenie, but this is real, it's amazing, I want to go to Forks and meet the Cullen's house, seriously great, girls are the best fans, the much admired and think that looking at the google map of the book store that comes in the film and I find that this is much better

posted by Wow Really?

Wait, no disrespect but you thought she made up SEATTLE? whoa....

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