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Forks Twilight Tour: Forks Washington Visitors Center

By afterthebite · November 16, 2008 · 0 Comments · ·

Address: 1411 South Forks Ave, Forks, Washington (click for map)

The Forks, Washington Chamber of Commerce has turned its headquarters into a Twilight Visitors Center. We recommend you stop by and talk with the friendly folks here, as they can give you great insight into the latest Twilight events and happenings in town. Some souvenirs and apparel also available here.


"This cute little hole-in-the-wall of a Visitors Center was bursting at the seams when we stopped by. The folks were very friendly and informative and really set the tone for our fun day in Forks."


They do have an official Forks tour available if you get there at the right time. We're not sure of the schedule, so you might wish to contact the Forks Visitors Center for hours and pricing.


Bella's truck is parked right outside!


Next Stop on the Forks Twilight Tour -->  The Cullen House!

posted by Anonymous

you may think you guys are lucky to of seen Forks! But for the past 14 years i have lived in the town! You may be jealous! but i go to Forks High School!

posted by thiare

Iam chilean ...forks is wonderfull.

posted by Anonymous

fyi... this movie wasnt filmed in forks....

posted by Anonymous

poop on u some of it was filmed in forks dudlbop

posted by Anonymous

wow this is dumb.. In the making of the movie it talks about how when they were filming in Portland and exec from Nike lent his house for the Cullens house as seen in the movie

posted by lundyn

hey anonymous were u at the high school while they fimed twilight.

posted by Anonymous

I'm 11 and i love the books so much!! But really- and i've read the book over 7 times- the movie isn't that similer. I hope they've done a better job on New Moon. And by the way, most of the movie was fillimed in Vancover, not even the US! I still wish i was as lucky as bella! Also i think going to Forks High School would be wicked cool! Your so lucky! i live in New York(not the city)! Thats on the other side of the country!

posted by Anonymous

It the best movie I think I have ever seen and I don't know if thats sad being that I am 27 years old. I do know however that there is just something about a vampire that everybody wants. I think its the bad boy dangerous image!! Even the werewolf ,Jacob, is very steamy!

posted by Anonymous

hello! I love th\wilight. cant wait to see the next movie. stephen should writ another one about jacobe adn nessy. How would thier kids turn out????

posted by Anonymous

robert pattinson is so hot robert pattinson is so so hot robert pattinson is so so so ho

posted by Anonymous

samantha brown+robet pattinson=love

posted by Anonymous

Check out www.teamforks.com for information on the only exclusive Twilight Tours company in Forks. Tours run multiple times per day, and only cost $30.

posted by anonymous

uuummm no... da cullen house is really a bed n breakfast.i no cause i went on da twilight tour in forks nd stayed da night at da bed n breakfast.ya it was filmed like freakin everywere.but da house is not nikes!!!!!!so get over dat 1.hahaha i love twilight.edward or jacob should marrie us lol

posted by Anonymous

how many people can go if you book the tour right now?

posted by Anonymous

i love twilight so much and i really want to go on that twilight tour...i am so happy....I READ ALL THE BOOK ...and i wacht the tree movies i just cant get enough


Wow...I really wish I can go to Forks one day. I did watch all the Twilight Saga movies and read all the 4 novels, but still want to feel the phenomenon there.

posted by

I'm sure most people already know that the majority of the film was filmed in Portland. People are visiting this town because it actually exists. I've never visited but if I had the opportunity to I probably would just because it would be interesting...even though I'm aware the movie wasn't filmed here.

posted by

By the way....I absolutely hate to see someone using ridiculous words such as "da" and "dat". Do you have any idea how stupid that sounds. If Jacob and Edward actually existed (maybe you should use their real names....Robert and Taylor) they probably wouldn't have anything to do with you because they wouldn't be able to understand what you're talking about.

posted by

Oh and Robert Pattinson is in love with Kristen Stewart and nobody else. I hope for her sake she never comes face to face with any of you because you all would probably stab her to death.

posted by

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posted by AnOnYmOuS

I want to go to Forks one day, + i already knew that the cullen house is a b&b anonymus who says "da" and "dat", its a computer for crying out loud, type normally for once in your life

posted by Anonymous

OMG I LOVEE TWILIGHT! IM SUCH A TWILIGHT FINATIC! ohh and i also love taylor lautner. my future husband BTW.

posted by Anonymous

Hi guys, uhmm i've got a question, is the tour fun? i mean, i'm really a twihard but as you know not the whole movie was filmed in forks. do do you really come on the same places as the actors? or look a like places?

posted by anonymous

Hey! So, Im l live in Seattle, WA and I just went to Forks (dont know why it took so freakin long, haha). I did a self tour with a map from the downtown Forks Visitors Center, and it was great! I have a friend that took a tour, and she kept getting the feeling "And why exactly do we have to stay in this one little spot for an hour?". The same friend and I are going to Forks and staying at the Pacific Inn Motel, with Twilight themed rooms, for my birthday this Oct. and doing our own self tour! SEE?! Its just more fun the spend the time where you think its really DESERVED! :D

posted by APENJESS


posted by Anonymous

Wow what a dream! I'm 11read the books 13 times in 1year.watch,own,and recite the movies.
My only dreams in life are to live in forks and live in forks.
I am a total twihard and need this tour. I hope 1day I will live there if I work hard and do well in school
And believe and one day my dreams will come true! Oh also save up because if I were to live in forks or anny where near it I would have to save up mony because I sorta live in Arizona. My mom will retire in 4 years(she is a teacher) and said she would help me exseed my life fulfilling dream.

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