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Forks Twilight Tour: La Push, First Beach, and Quileute

By afterthebite · November 17, 2008 · 0 Comments · ·

Address: La Push, WA, USA (click here for map)

La Push is an unincorporated community near Forks, Washington. La Push is part of the Quileute Indian Reservation and is home to Jacob Black.

Jacob Black meets his childhood friend Bella Swan at First Beach in La Push and famously tells her the legend about the Cullen family. In the Twilight book series, Bella spends a lot of time at La Push, and even almost drowns while cliff-jumping in La Push.

It is located off of Highway 110 about 15 miles west of Forks. Go all the way to the end and follow the double yellow line around to where the road splits. Make a left and find a path and follow it find First Beach and the driftwood logs.


"The gorgeous and scenic beach is well-worth the drive, not just from Forks, but all the way to the Washington coast. Also, see if you can find the old abandoned bridge on the north side of town - quite a sight!


While driving through town, we saw this WEREWOLF...is that you Jacob???"








Next Stop on the Forks Twilight Tour --> Port Angeles, Gottschalks

posted by Anonymous

I love twilight #1 fang

posted by sabrina Mcmullan

am coming real soon I saw you with my annoyed friend Shelbie do you love her say sorry because
you with bella swan LOL?

am your Girlfriend?

posted by

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posted by Anonymous

Twilight is my favorite movie. I have seen all 3 so far. I can't wait for Breaking Dawn to come out. In the first Twilight the one that started it all. The beach seen was my fav. I always watch that seen when I watch the movie on DVD.

posted by Twilight No.1 Fang

It's Sam, remember? Sam is the pure black one, Jacob is sort of honey-colored..don't know how to explain. But it most definitely Sam! :D

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