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New Moon fan posters: Edward & Bella

By afterthebite · March 3, 2009 · 0 Comments · ·

Smirk_works, don't know the real name, has posted a great set of fan posters on his website for the New Moon movie. Absolutely stunning. Check them out!



Click here to visit Smirk_works website.

posted by Anonymous

cool i wish they would make cooler ones though

posted by Anonymous

Wow love them

posted by Dewayne Cullen

O M G. Im dieing here......? Dose any one no if Bella gets turned?? I really hope so.

posted by Anonymous

Ummm...read the books an you will find out if she gets turned. They are really worth reading!

posted by edward masen cullen

wow yall seriouse girls she doe get changed and saves her from dying half immortal baby killing his love.

posted by Dissapointed Watcher

wow, read the books! its sooo much better than the movie! in my opinion, the movie was horrid. You would have been disappointed too if you read the book before watching the movie..
but yea...read new moon before the next movie and you'll see the difference

posted by Catherine p.p.

OMG!! I love realy Twilight, they're so good!! I love "love story"!!!=)

posted by Anonymous

ew. the movies are absolutely horrid compared to the books. 100% disgusting. new moon is already distroyed, you can tell just from watching the trailer. and wtf, its so... not needed. i mean wtf! why wouldn't you just have all 5 wolves show up and chase laurant away to kill him? or WHY not just have jacob transform before bella sees him?! NOW she knows he's a wolf, and so nothing that happened in the middle of new moon can happen now. he wont ignore her, while saying he's sick. he wont hurt her feelings and make her cry herself to sleep, then show up at her house in the middle of the night, and tell her to guess about what his secret is. that cant happen anymore. UGH!

posted by Anonymous

I LOVE TEAM EDWARD, edward and bella get married, have a baby, bella gets turned into a vampire, im reading the book it is realy good and a lot more happens if you want to know read the book you can also go to youtube.com and type breaking dawn then a whole bunch of videos will pop up then you can choose anyone of them.

posted by

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