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So, what did you think of New Moon movie? POLL

By afterthebite · November 21, 2009 · 0 Comments · ·

Tell us what you thought!

posted by Anonymous

Well; The movie kept me on my toes! I loved it, it was amazing! I've like read all the books and to see it come to life on the big screen was like really nice. (:

posted by jhoy quiambao

well, i love the whole story (twilight to breaking dawn)... wish there was a real edward,, who will sweep me out my feet.. LOL!
Anyway the movie (new moon) went really fast.. and so bookish,,, i didn't see anything that was new.. but i liked it,, LOL,,

posted by Anonymous

It sucks. And should be more serious, what's with the abbs?

posted by Team Edward!!

New Moon was the best movie everr! i love the book! cant wait until the other movies come out!!! ~team Edward!~

posted by Team_All_Of_Them

I absolutely loooved it! It was like a hundred times better than twilight was! I wasnt dissapointed...and just like when I read the book, I cried. Thats good...even though the book was still better, movies cant beat books! But I really liked it and I cant wait to buy it when it comes out!

posted by T.L

I love jacob black
I loved new moon way better then twilight but i think that the book was better then the movie

posted by Emmett Cullen


posted by Anonymous

Hi everyone. My name's Agnes and I live in Poland ( east Europe if U don't know ;) I just want to tell You, that I'm in love with Twilight like a lot of my friends. I've read all 4 books and it was one of the most amazing thing I've done in my life... But "New Moon" ( I mean movie)... it was a DISASTER !!!! I'm sorry, but it really didn't move my heart... THE BOOK IS REALLY BETTER !!!

posted by cutie23

i love new moon it rocked


i love new moon it was funny and ausome. I LOVE IT! I JUST CANNT GET ENOUGH! who doesnt love the twilight saga? LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by team edward!!!!

I love New moon and Twilight!!! I'm from Belgium and i love this site!Bella and Edward= true love!!!

posted by ashleylautner

I LOVED new moon especially Jacob wen hes so sweet and shirtless I wasn't disappointed at all it was awsome!!

posted by Anonymous

I loved it!!! My and my family are going to Forks this summer. Cant wait tiil they make a movie for Breaking dawn!!!!! best book ever!!

posted by anonymous

well, i love it too. but i read the new moon book and i was pretty impressed for them wont put edward's song that he suppostuly give to bella in her birthday. BUT I LOVE IT, i can't wait for breakind dawn premiere or even for eclipse premiere!!!

posted by Emilie Clearwater

I loved new moon. I was actually suprised by the amountt of humor in it. But it was serious when it needed to be. I was just a little bit dissapointed in the leaving scene. I really thought that Kristen could have done a better job at looking heart desperatley broken. But other than that it was pretty great.

posted by Anonymous

well i think kristen did a great job being depressed i so felt her pain, it was like edward left me lol..th movie was amazing but they did leave out alot but i understand cuz they had 2 make it short..bt other than that i love the books they changed my life!

posted by Anonymous

have read all the books and seen both movies
team edward rules not jackob

posted by alynna ramos

i love it!so much better than twilight!i read all the books even midnight sun!breaking dawn is very awesome!I love it!Ive seen all the movies!i got the original copies of it!i got all posters of them!im such Team Edward not JAcob!but i love them both!I love you guys!keep up the great work!

posted by Anonymous

Lol twilight does not sucks!It rocks!Who evr said it sucks and whats up with the abs!Is a total jerk and Loser Forever!I love it read all the book(twilight-Midnight sun).Im such a huge fan of robert pattinson!

posted by Anonymous

Hello the name is Alynna Ramos.Ima huge fan of Twilight! Add me on facebook alynna.ramos@yahoo.com Ive read all the book until the last book 5 midnight sun.
I love it!

posted by Anonymous

I loved the movie NEW MOON way more than twilight!!
It is the most awesome movie I have ever seen.
I wish I could watch it over and over again. My favorite part was when Victoria was being chased by the wolves.
Hey Alynna. I can't believe you have the fifth book.
In fact I didn't know there was a fofth book. I wish I had that book.
Sorry for just saying stuff to you.

posted by Austin, New Moon LOVER!!!!

Why does Bells get hurt most of the times?
Hi everybody!!!
my name is austin.
If you want to add me on MSN, my username is austin_ijjangiaq@hotmail.com


the new director got this movie just right! the one for twilight was just flat out weird! and she made the movie to damn dark!!! WTF NO ONE LIKES DARK SHIZZ! it was far more better than the 1st! 2 thumbs up for new moon

posted by Anonymous

team edward :-).......

posted by Anonymous


posted by Taylor/Jacob_Fan

ii thought it was WAY more better than Twilight.... but dont get me wrong, Twilight was a great movie! its one of my favorites.... but i would rather choose NEW MOON over Twilight any day!!!!
x__TEAM JACOB__x all the way! *:)

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