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Speculation on New Moon movie locations

By afterthebite · March 14, 2009 · 0 Comments · ·

Sure, New Moon's producers are being understandably tight-lipped about where they will shoot the scenes from the upcoming movie in the Stephenie Meyer's movie adaptations of the Twilight book series.  But we still applaud the Vancouver Sun for speculating and offering their own suggestions:

The Meadow

When Bella goes searching in the forest for the meadow where she and Edward had their first romantic encounter, it is described as a beautiful round opening in the forest and difficult to find, in part because there are no trails and in part due to the Washington state undergrowth. Bella "bushwhacks" her way in and is confronted by a vampire, Laurent, whose appetites are not so well controlled as Edward's. Stanley Park might do the trick for this scene, but it is so close to the city and so exposed to foot traffic that the shoot would not be secret for long.

Everett Crowley Park in southeast Vancouver has mature trees and undergrowth like those described in New Moon, as well as small open spaces that could serve as meadow. Compared with Stanley Park, it is almost devoid of human life. For total secrecy, Strathcona Park near Campbell River is beyond the reach of the urban vampire fan and nearby Elk Falls Park has one of the prettiest forest meadows on the West Coast.

Read the full article here.





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