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Twilight Soundtrack Announced

By afterthebite · November 15, 2008 · 0 Comments · ·

The official Twilight movie soundtrack has been announced (and it's available for purchase too!)

Here's the song list:

1 - Supermassive Black Hole - Muse

2 - Decode - Paramore

3 - Full Moon - The Black Ghosts

4 - Leave Out All the Rest - Linkin Park

5 - Spotlight [Twilight Mix] - Mutemath

6 - Go All The Way [Into the Twilight] - Perry Farrell

7 - Tremble For My Beloved - Collective Soul

8 - I Caught Myself - Paramore

9 - Eyes On Fire - Blue Foundation

10 - Never Think - Rob Pattinson

11 - Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron & Wine

12 - Bella's Lullaby - Carter Burwell

Try before you buy. After the Bite makes it available for you to listen to it in it's entirety. Click here.


posted by sigi

they are awesome! downloaded them by http://torrents.rapid4me.com search engine and can never get enough:) I wonder what song plays on 102th minute of the movie? it seems it's not in the list...

posted by Search engine

i don't like the movie but i like music from him. I downloaded all treks for free from http://searchizz.com

posted by Ritk

Long time listener, first time caellr....NO WAIT....I mean just found your blog listed on my 'recommended sites' from Google Reader and I have already sent a 15PAGE thank you note (front and back mind you)to the Google reader dudes. I love your blog! Congrats on your little girl and I love your home pics. Great job!! Just wanted to say Hi and ask you to please come to our house and help decorate after TK puts in the new hardwood floors b/c this blank canvas is overwhelming me :)


As of this posting, I currently have about 55 boxes that have been reserved.a few people have reserved a full case, which means they will get the same 12 boxes that come out of that case. The people that reserve only boxes, I will be opening a case, processing that many boxes and continuing with the next order.I won’t promise what you will get, as it is completely random, but the statistics if you get a case are 5-6 rares, 2-3 epics on avg. once again that depends on how many rares/epics are in the print run.Yes I have had people ask me to give them extra deathwings, and the answer to that is always no.. sorry.. LOL. Personally if someone believes that that has happened, or someone even advertises that did happen, I would not be able to do this again with the next set, as people would not trust me. Considering that I am planning on doing this with each set, as long as people are interested, I see no reason to jepordize myself.. I use to just open all the cards myself, and sell off playsets of commons/uncommons, and also playsets of rares. In addition to selling and trading singles, but now that I have 2 kids, and my wife is working slightly longer hours, and my 2 helps also now have a kid, It doesn’t look like I will have that much time to put into doing that anymore. It takes quite a few hours to sort and organize 5+ cases of cards.As far as payment, Paypal is preferred method, unless you are trading loot cards for the cases. I am looking to receive payment either cash or cards by the 14th, so everything can be secured. I may accept it after that date, if boxes/cases are still available.The sooner you pay the sooner I can reserve your cases, until payment is made, nothing is put on reserve. I will be having the boxes opened and mailed out by 7/27, barring nothing unforseen, and if you are in the US you should have them by Friday or Saturday the 29th or 30th…


What an amazing episode of Enterprise, this story ticked all the boxes for me.The performances by Scott Bakula and Jolene Blalock were brilliant, in fact this was most probably their best ones for the series. The teaser at the beginning had me hooked, it’s the scene we never want to see ( Earth being destroyed) but have to. Very powerful. For me the relationship between T’Pol & Archer is key to the episode working. I recently said in the TrekMate forum (which is great by the way) that I would liked to have had T’Pol & Archer become a romantic couple instead of Tucker. It was nice to see that here and the dedication & love T’Pol offers Archer is very touching. It was also nice to see T’Pol with long hair and wearing a Starfleet uniform.Some good points mentioned about the Vulcan’s. Considering where we were with the Vulcan’s in Enterprise at this time I was not surprised that they gave up on humanity. Considering that in this reality Earth is destroyed that would mean that without Archer Vulcan most probably didn’t change direction as described in the fourth season. Cowardly Vulcan’s, who would have thought it? I also found it funny that in the alternate reality the writers could still not be bothered with Mayweather and just wrote him out of the story. It was nice to see Captain Tucker. By this point you could see command was weighing in him and now he most probably appreciates the hard decisions Archer & T’Pol had to make.This story has it all, great special effects, some great acting by the leads and all round good story telling. I would score this episode a ten as well.Another great supplemental. 0Was this answer helpful?

posted by Asive

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